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The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents F-lithium - 'Grands Classiques'   BADmpfree033
T.A.M.T. presents F-lithium
Grands Classiques
320kbps MP3
25 December 2014

BADvinyl001 - 50th release!   BADvinyl001
12" vinyl
1 October 2013

$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L - 'Good Grief [echoes from the grunge-pit]'   BADmpfree032
$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L
Good Grief
23 March 2013

Ascetic - 'Loss'   BADmpfree031
23 April 2013

Phuq - '10,958 days of error'   BADmpfree030
10,958 Days of Error
13 January 2013

Various - 'The Cavity Church'   BADmpfree029
The Cavity Church
23 November 2012

FZV - 'antic.decay'   BADmpfree028
23 December 2012

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What We Are -

Bad Sekta is a collection of solid-state entities, currently operating together as a record label / semi-collective. We specialise in uncovering new and interesting electronic music and video from the more individual / extreme ends of the spectrum and we hope to continue creating and releasing until we re-integrate with the collective consciousness.

History -

Bad Sekta was founded as an independent outlet for underground electronic music and video by Will (Phuq) in 2005. Tom (Machinochrist) came on board to help run the label in 2007.

Since our inception, we've collected loads of wicked artists, made some good friends and managed a few releases along the way. Between us we've had the privilege of getting involved some of the best crews running 'tings in the UK, including Amen-tal, Bangface, Extreme Rinse Only, Headfuk, Hekate, Ill Industries, Lobotomy, Love Love, Mutiny, No Fixed Abode, Noise=Noise, Noize:tek, Redrum, Sick & Twisted, Sin Technologies, Subliminal Discharge, Tinnitus, Toxic Dancehall, Unsound and Wrong Music, and we hope to work with many more in the future...

Bigups for radio play go to all at Decibel Breach, Ill FM, Pitchless Radio, Robert at KSER and Tom Ravenscroft at Channel 4 (plus all the other stations we forgot / aren't aware of).

You can read an early semi-interview with Will about the label (from IP1 magazine) here.
A more recent interview with Tom and Will featured on the Connexion Bizarre site - read it here.

Tom & Will @ Squat Wars (2008)

Tom & Will Bad Sekta

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