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Music Day UK Mix 81 - Phuq

We’ve just added a lush new “DJ” mix by Phuq to our Livesets & Mixes page…eleven classic braindance and IDM tracks compiled for the Music Day UK Mix Series!

Here’s the tracklist:
01. Ovuca – ‘Stacey’
02. Bogdan Raczynski – ‘Trance and Burn’
03. Cylobotnia – ‘Track 1’
04. The Tuss – ‘Rushup I Bank 12’
05. Dave Monolith – ‘Farewell Frenchman’
06. VHS Head – ‘Sunset Everett’
07. The Flashbulb – ‘Binedump (Acidwolf Mix)’
08. Milanese – ‘Braggin’
09. Jega – ‘Intron.ix’
10. Amon Tobin – ‘Marine Machines’
11. Clark – ‘Rainbow Voodoo’

Listen via Music Day UK’s Mixcloud

'BADvinyl001' promo

In all the excitement over getting the new site online and our new Obese release out this week, we forgot to mention that as part of our relaunch we’re offering £1.50 off orders of our ‘BADvinyl001’ 12″ vinyl (with FLAC & 320KBPS MP3 instant downloads, stickers, info sheet, etc.)!

You can grab a copy at this special reduced price until midnight GMT on the 31 May, so…

Click here for more info on Various – ‘BADvinyl001’ 12″

Obese - 'Extra-Saturated'

Our first release in absolutely ages is an absolute smasher – six tracks of maximal bass music, created on the Phatkins diet by Obese (aka longtime label presence Ronin)!

Mastered by Hue Jah Fink? @ Binary Feedback, ‘Extra-Saturated’ sounds utterly amazing and is guaranteed to fulfil all of your bass requirements for a long time to come. Phuq‘s cover art is truly edifying too…

Available now as AAC, FLAC, FLAC (Hi-Res), 320KBPS MP3 and WAV downloads.

🙂 It’s good to be back!

More info and Choose-Your-Price download

Bad Sekta stickers

Welcome to the new Bad Sekta website! Plus proper ye olde integrated web shoppe and such, at long last. Please have a mooch about, check out the site, and let us know if you’ve a particularly strong opinion on the changes we’ve made. In a nutshell, with this build we’re aiming for greater compatibility and functionality across devices, improved accessibility, and keeping things as DIY as possible (e.g. providing downloads from this site, rather than via a third-party). We’ve still a few tweaks to do (especially with regards to loading speed), but we hope you like!

Happily, full-on label reactivation appears unavoidable, with a new Bad Sekta digital release imminent on the 13th May from Obese (bringing the bass with a wicked mini-album of dancefloor booty-smashers), plus more promised over the coming months from label veterans The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Phuq and others! More info anon…

Various - 'Stairlift to Hell'

Oh my days, it’s ‘Stairlift to Hell’ – an under-the-radar digital release from the long-slumbering Headfuk label!

Tracks from Dan Hekate, Dave Stitch (featuring the Fresh King of East Anglia), Dirty Skank and Ronin; artwork by Luke Hekate. Get on it!

Pay-What-You-Want download via Bandcamp

Phuq promises a memorable classic braindance/ drill and bass set at the Music Day Winter Solstice event in London tonight… Check the Music Day website for more info.

Phuq also recently contributed another mix to the Music Day UK Mixcloud series – this time featuring heavy grime and bass – which you can check here.

Phuq will be DJing between sets at this month’s Crux, where Ronin will be part of the live jam. £5 entry, 16 May. More info here.

TAMT presents F-lithium - '2001 Grands Classiques'

🙂 HAPPY VENERATION OF THE BASTARD NAZERENE – Allow us to present you with a special MPFree Christmas release from The Abominable Mr Tinkler (presenting F-lithium), the long-lost classic ‘Grands Classiques’…

‘…Rumoured to be cut in the aftermath of one of the most sensational tours of lecture halls in the UK, ‘2001 Grands Classiques’ has now surfaced after being lost for well over a decade…The recordings are thought to have been made during a period spent researching the effects of imbibing peculiar chemicals and sleep deprivation, likely leading to the feelings of paranoia and morbid curiosity one senses whereupon hearing it. These recordings make for an unusual listen; classical string quartets collide with bubbling analogue synthesizers whilst wild winds blow and stuttering distorted percussive sounds crash and appear to tear through the space-time continuum.’

Click here for more info and free download

Various - '50th Release Bonus Tracks'

Today marks the ninth birthday of the amorphous, cosmically terrifying, and wonkily seductive entity that is Bad Sekta. 🙂 Please allow us to extend our thanks to you once again for your continued support and attention! We never thought that we would get this far, and we do this because of you.

If you’ve not bought one of the first 100 records, you won’t have the 12 track digital bonus album that came with them, so as a small gift on our birthday, why not download the Hekula, Meme, and Ronin tracks from that release? Available as a 320kbps MP3 freebie, for one week only!

Various - 'BADvinyl001' label A

The first 100 of our record ‘BADvinyl001’ are now sold, so check it out soon if you want to own a little piece of Bad Sekta history!

We are still alive, just working on a lot of projects behind the scenes – normal service will be resumed shortly. Just over a week until our ninth birthday too…