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The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents F-lithium - 'Grands Classiques'   BADmpfree033
T.A.M.T. presents F-lithium
Grands Classiques
320kbps MP3
25 December 2014

BADvinyl001 - 50th release!   BADvinyl001
12" vinyl
1 October 2013

$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L - 'Good Grief [echoes from the grunge-pit]'   BADmpfree032
$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L
Good Grief
23 March 2013

Ascetic - 'Loss'   BADmpfree031
23 April 2013

Phuq - '10,958 days of error'   BADmpfree030
10,958 Days of Error
13 January 2013

Various - 'The Cavity Church'   BADmpfree029
The Cavity Church
23 November 2012

FZV - 'antic.decay'   BADmpfree028
23 December 2012

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News Archive 2006

20/12/06 - ill fm downloads / live reminders -
sets from our ILL FM birthday broadcast are available for download here. stay tuned for the 320kbp versions soon...
ZEROPOINTENERGY live @ the foundry, corner of great eastern street + old street, london. this friday 22nd december, more info here. (you can read a review of his brighton gig here).
MACHINOCHRIST live @ NFA FUCK XMAS, london, this friday 22nd december. details here.
PHUQ live @ LOVE LOVE X-CORE-MAS DISKO in colchester on xmas eve - here for more info.


11/12/06 - zeropointenergy live / phuq live / machinochrist live / stitch youtube -
ZEROPOINTENERGY plays out wed 13th december - new cross inn, new cross, london - films / sonic arts / bands + friday 22nd december - the foundry, corner of great eastern street + old street, london. more info here.
PHUQ will be playing at the LOVE LOVE X-CORE-MAS DISKO in colchester on xmas eve - here for more info.
MACHINOCHRIST will be at the FUCK XMAS SQUAT PARTY on friday 22nd december - hush hush invite only! check here.
STITCH now has a YOUTUBE page - check it here.


25/11/06 - thanx to illfm -
elaborate bigups to ILL FM for letting us back into the studio for our first birthday show - we all remained standing at the end this, so we'll count that as a success...


22/11/06 - birthday show / anxt live / zeropointenergy + flangemagnus live / hue jah fink + randomoidz live -
we're well up for our first birthday shenanigans on ILL FM tomorrow night :
STITCH (liveset), LASTBOSS (liveset), PHUQ (liveset), INTONAMORI (mix) + tunes from the rest of the crew. 20.00-00.00 (gmt) / 23/11/06.
check ILL FM on the night for linx to stream...
(running order is here)
9th DECEMBER 2k6 - HUE JAH FINK + RANDOMOIDZ @ BASHOUT - BRISTOL - here for more info...


12/11/06 - phuq + zeropointenergy on love-core volume 1 -
1 PHUQ trak + 1 ZEROPOINTENERGY trak feature on the new "LOVE-CORE VOLUME 1" compilation on LOVE LOVE RECORDINGS. here for details...


31/10/06 - intonamori freebie / MPFree compilation / lastboss freebie / texts up / noise=noise (ipswich) cancelled -
INTONAMORI's wicked new "EAR WEEVILS 1" MPFree ep is available, more info here.
more info / download here.
first release for our new MP3-only sublabel ELFKORE, is LASTBOSS - "GRUEY COSTA / BRITNEY SPIROS - there can be only one", more info / download from here.
ZEROPOINTENERGYs essay on his MOVEMENT GESTURE INTERFACE is now up here + an interview with ryan is up here.
the NOISE=NOISE event set for saturday the 4th has now been CANCELLED due to the venue closing down! you can still hear PHUQ + STITCH live w/ LASTBOSS + DJ RICHARD HILLMAN on ILL FM, thursday 23rd november though - here on the night for stream.


19/09/06 - zeropointenergy live / bad sekta live shows + ill fm -
ZEROPOINTENERGY is playing a number of live dates
friday 22nd september / 8pm+ / expect left field electronica, free improvisation, noise & sound installations. In addition to two rooms programmed by the gluerooms & mavryx. £3
(as part of the collision festival, peckham, 21st – 23rd september - more info here
thursday 5th october / 8pm + / LEECH WOMAN + ZAN LYONS + ZEROPOINTENERGY
£5 (£4 concs)
colchester arts centre, colchester, essex - more info here
tuesday 17th october / 8pm + / PITA VS Z’EV + ZEROPOINTENERGY
£5 (£4 concs)
colchester arts centre, colchester, essex - more info here
BAD SEKTA + others live at NOISE=NOISE - 04/11/06
breakcore/gabba/noise/mashup/wonk/dubstep etc
live & dj sets from:
+ six other acts.
drum + monkey, princes street, ipswich, suffolk
saturday 04/11/06 / 7pm-1am / FREE ENTRY
(flyer here)
thursday 23rd november / 8pm-12pm / BAD SEKTA live on ILL FM - 23/11/06
back with some more random chaos (although hopefully a bit more toned-down than last time!)
visit ILLFM.NET on the night for linx to stream.

30/08/06 - new downloads / stuff
as we're still waiting for a broadcast date for the WIRETRIP show, here's the LASTBOSS + PHUQ livesets from the show for download - don't tell the radio station : )
here's the STITCH set from the SHEBAKA show also (sneak preview of the 6 hour bad sekta night - coming soon).
major changes to a lot of the site architecture - let us know what doesn't work?!

14/08/06 - site update / wiretrip show
site's gradually getting more useable (we hope?!) - product page here + loads more links added. wow! we're also waiting for a date for the broadcast of the BAD SEKTA on the WIRETRIP (us radio), so keep in touch...

18/07/06 - shortfacedbear DVD
yo! having fun? yeah, SHORTFACEDBEAR - "VALUE EP" is finally available - 6 vidz on 1 DVDR for a fiver (+ only 123 copies) - contact us if you want one...

09/07/06 - temporary site / lastboss CD / shortfacedbear zurich / fzv 12" / on the airwaves
hey! enjoying your summer? we've been a bit shady over the last few months, so please accept our futile apologies + check this wonderful temporary site...
LASTBOSS - "NISHIZONO SHINJI" CD (see last post) is available now, 123 copies / £5
SHORTFACEDBEAR short films showing as part of a film festival in zurich (switzerland) tonight, 9pm+ click here for details....
FZV - "ASSIMILATOR" 12" available 17th july - "brutal industrial break-step & moody filmic soundscapes" + a wicked remix by BLACK MASS PLASTICS. what else can we say but buy it!
currently working hard on a 2 hour broadcast for american radio + a 6(?) hour show for austrian radio - these will feature ACID BURP, DIXIE SCUMBAG, LASTBOSS, PHUQ, SHORTFACEDBEAR + STITCH live + a selection of our fave trax from the rest of the crew. more info soon... oh yeah, below is the news archive for boring peeps - all the links are fucked so don't complain ; ) - paypal account soon also (when it stops fucking us around)

07/06/06 - general apologies / bad sekta livesets / imminent releases
first, apologies for our slackness over the last month or so - a fucked 'net connection, relocation + general skintness have all played a part! please bear with us, as we're working on loads of projects + our new improved webshite...
thanx muchly to the ILL FM crew for playing host to PHUQ + STITCH last month in the BAD SEKTA NIGHT (probably the most shambolic / k'd up show in the history of radio!). check ILL FM for downloads of that, plus slightly older sets from FZV + ZEROPOINTENERGY + a host of other downloads from some rather excellent peeps...
imminent releases (i.e. next few months) are LASTBOSS - "NISHIZONO SHINJI" (45 minute audiomulch chaos CD) + SHORTFACEDBEAR DVD (rescued from the brink of hard-disk meltdown). more as it happens! ================================================================

04/04/06 - stitch, fzv + hue jah fink live / stitch + phuq on ill fm
STITCH, FZV + HUE JAH FINK will be playing at NOFIXEDABODE, saturday 13th may - here for details.
STITCH + PHUQ are live on ILL FM, thursday 18th may - here for details.

23/04/06 - new downloads / stitch, fzv + hue jah fink live
new downloads from BUBEN, CLEGG FU, THE FATMAN, HUE JAH FINK, KTULU, TAPEBOX + WAVECHASER are finally uploaded.
STITCH, FZV + HUE JAH FINK will be playing at NOFIXEDABODE, saturday 13th may - here for details.

14/04/06 - cleggfu ep available / s o t CD soon / hue jah fink live
new CLEGGFU ep is available now - "TEETH". it's one of our mega-limited CDRs, so contact us now if you want one...
S O T's long-awaited (by us at least!) CD "NISHIZONO SHINJI", audiomulched to within an inch of its life, is nearly ready, so : KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!
HUE JAH FINK is but one of many fantabulous creatures playing TONIGHT at NOFIXEDABODE (including PEACE OFF crew) in london - here for info.

01/04/06 - various autists 2 on c8 / live stuff / cleggfu ep / new autists / apologies
thanx muchly to c8.com, who are now hosting MP3s of VARIOUS AUTISTS 2- should be some vidz up there soon also...
HUE JAH FINK will be playing the next NOFIXEDABODE (with a host of other wicked peeps, including PEACE OFF crew) in london, 14th april - here for info.
TAPEBOX, one of our new recruits, will perform a liveset + a dj set at some type of electronix festival at CLUB CAMOUFLAGE in COLOGNE, april 27th. here for details.
CLEGGFU will be releasing a weird + wonderful ep very shortly, entitled "TEETH". it's one of our mega-limited CDR things, so watch this space...
all new autists stuff should be up within the week - ACID BURP / DIXIE SCUMBAG / HUE JAH FINK / K'TULU / TAPEBOX / WAVE CHASER / ZEROPOINTENERGY - check them out!
we'd also like to apologise for our recent slackness - this is partially due to multiple memory failure + reflects the random states of flux our lives are in right now, so bear with us...

04/03/06 - sorry for lies / release updates / fzv live + MP3s / live stuff soon
apologies for last post ; ) uploaded news but not trax! new STITCH trax are now actually up for download.
right, next releases (supersedes previous!) : "CRUNCHY KNAEBOT REMIXES" is still being prepared by our sonic alchemists - due < 06/06. S O T is preparing a live audiomulch CD for us too, "NISHIZONO SHINJI" - due < 05/06. SHORTFACEDBEAR may have salvaged an ntsc version of his DVD (from the ruins of his smoking hard-drive!), so we'll have that out asap to try + raise him some funds - dig deep friendly peeps!
FZV is playing NOFIXEDABODE, sat. 11th, (inna secret london venue) along with KTULU + loads more phatty peeps - invite only, so get sorted by emailing. FZV's set from the first night is here.
last but not least, we're working on some live projects - hopefully a few nights in COLCHESTER + NORTHAMPTON over the next few months, & we're in the process of sorting a stage for a 5000-capacity weirdy festival in SUFFOLK, which'll be early september. more as we realise...

18/02/06 - new stitch trax + that
the beauty that is STITCH has supplied us with a whole load of new trax - the magnum opus "A PEPPER ARMY SOUND WITCH" - check downloads section for illumination. some of his new vidz up soon too...

16/02/06 - aargh! melty broken crap / s o t audiomulch CD / welcome new autists
serious danger bizness at bad sekta hq - our main computer doesn't want to load bios + SHORTFACEDBEAR's smashed his hard-drive up real bad - fuck knows what's going on with his DVD now? always backup kiddies!
due to all the drama, next releases will now be "CRUNCHY KNAEBOT REMIXES" + some kind of S O T audiomulch / live thing - keep you posted...
on a much happier note, welcome to ACID BURP, DIXIE SCUMBAG, HUE JAH FINK, K'TULU, WAVECHASER + ZEROPOINTENERGY - new trax + vidz up as soon as we get a chance to do a serious update / rebuild!

01/02/06 - final fzv reminder
this is your final reminder: FZV will be live, direct + in full effect, this friday (3rd feb.) at NOFIXEDABODE in london- details here.

27/01//06 - welcome
keep an eye out for a few more new members of our galactic alliance in the near future - they're rather snazzy + full of vigour!

23/01/06 - crunchy knaebot remixes / shortfacedbear DVD / fzv live reminder
next release will be "CRUNCHYKNAEBOTREMIXES", featuring mixes by phuq, hekula, danger russ, cleggfu, sot, mikaywalp, androne, shortfacedbear + binaural beats. should be rather nice + will be available soon...
SHORTFACEDBEAR limited DVDR thing imminent also- should be spesh nice, with loads of videos, trax + god knows what else? keep watching the skies!
reminder: FZV is playing live at NOFIXEDABODE in london, 3rd feb. - details here - everyone should go.

03/01/06 - happy new year / in the pipeline / fzv live / hue ja fink apology
first, happy new year to you / from us - hope 2k6 brings you all joy + suchlike! all it's brought us so far is comedowns ; )
we've a lot planned for this year, including a massive webbysite overhaul, some live stuff (once we pull our fingers out a bit), loads of muzak + a DVD - presuming all goes to plan (hmm...). more details to follow.
FZV is playing live at the first NO FIXED ABODE night in london-town, 3rd feb. 2k6 - details here
finally, profuse apologies to HUE JAH FINK - apparently some of the STITCH zip file we have up is actually stuff written in collaboration - sorry! get that sorted asap...

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