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The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents F-lithium - 'Grands Classiques'   BADmpfree033
T.A.M.T. presents F-lithium
Grands Classiques
320kbps MP3
25 December 2014

BADvinyl001 - 50th release!   BADvinyl001
12" vinyl
1 October 2013

$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L - 'Good Grief [echoes from the grunge-pit]'   BADmpfree032
$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L
Good Grief
23 March 2013

Ascetic - 'Loss'   BADmpfree031
23 April 2013

Phuq - '10,958 days of error'   BADmpfree030
10,958 Days of Error
13 January 2013

Various - 'The Cavity Church'   BADmpfree029
The Cavity Church
23 November 2012

FZV - 'antic.decay'   BADmpfree028
23 December 2012

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From Is This Music?

The Fez! & weyheyhey !! @ Harlot <3 Terror, Glasgow Soundhaus, Glasgow, Scotland (25/06/11)

"East met west in what was billed as ‘Scotland’s biggest Breakcore night ever.’

After a three year hiatus, Glasgow electronica club night Digital Harlot teamed up for one night only with Edinburgh collective Terror last month in alternative Glasgow music venue Soundhaus, to host a night of breakcore, hip hop, hardcore, drumstep, live electronica and general all round madness.

Harlot <3 Terror, featured Breakcore, more commonly known as Neo Rave, heavily on the night, with acts Babyshaker, The Fez! and Weyheyhey all performing live with headlining DJ Duran Duran Duran.

DJ sets also included Grime from Jinty Gutter Riddim and Dupstep from Dusthead & Hanlo. Scottish rapper Mr Jinx also made an appearance, as well as hip hop from Gasp & Depths and graffiti artist Rowdy.

Digital Harlot is the longest running breakcore night in the UK outside of London and has been hosting club nights in Glasgow for six years. It’s featured some of the biggest rave producers around both old and new, including Ultraviolence, Ladyscraper and Duran Duran Duran, as well as showcasing fresh new acts from home and abroad. Digital Harlot founder, Dawn Hunter, said: “It’s a completely unique night with something for everybody - whether you crave hardcore, glamourama, urban beats or utter madness."
“It takes all the best elements of an old school rave and gives it a new school twist.
“Whether you like your beats banging or hardcore euphoric, Harlot is the type of night where everybody can be themselves.”

Gareth from Terror, said: “We chose to team up with Harlot because they share our dream of a day glow neo-rave Utopia.
“We have been putting on parties in Edinburgh for about a year and a half, combining big names in the hardcore techno/breakcore scene, with most of the top live Scottish hip hop crews.”

Breakcore man Babyshaker, aka Gavin Hislop, thinks that the night was an interesting mix of the two club nights: “It’s about trying to expose the audience to experimental and alternative music.“Harlot has a harder edge to it with electronica, while Terror is more about hip hop and breakdance.” Gavin originally hails from Stirlingshire and has been a DJ and producer for the past five years. He feels that it is important that club nights like this take place as the alternative dance music scene in Scotland is small compared to cities south of the border.
“These nights have always been a hit and are fun, it’s an exciting atmosphere.” says Gavin. “The term (Breakcore) encompasses a myriad of styles, including hardened drum and bass, and bending them into something else." “The music is quite abrasive, compared to your usual drum and bass and encompasses a much more abstract and fractured beat at 190-230 bmp compared to techno and house at 135 bpm."“It pushes the boundaries and people are always chopping it up.”

As well as the live performances, entertainment came in the form of pole dancing with Edinburgh based neo burlesque troupe The Kamikaze Girls. The night also kicked off with a breakdancing battle with BBoys and BGirls from the UK and abroad taking place, organised by Glaswegian breakdancing crew the Flyin’ Jalapenos, who organise events across Scotland, including last month’s Skill Masters UK qualifier in Edinburgh.

Harlot <3 Terror was such a success on the night that Dawn is now busy planning the next Digital Harlot night which will probably be in October. Best get the dancing shoes on then."

- Lalita Augustine, "Is This Music?", June 2011

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