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The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents F-lithium - 'Grands Classiques'   BADmpfree033
T.A.M.T. presents F-lithium
Grands Classiques
320kbps MP3
25 December 2014

BADvinyl001 - 50th release!   BADvinyl001
12" vinyl
1 October 2013

$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L - 'Good Grief [echoes from the grunge-pit]'   BADmpfree032
$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L
Good Grief
23 March 2013

Ascetic - 'Loss'   BADmpfree031
23 April 2013

Phuq - '10,958 days of error'   BADmpfree030
10,958 Days of Error
13 January 2013

Various - 'The Cavity Church'   BADmpfree029
The Cavity Church
23 November 2012

FZV - 'antic.decay'   BADmpfree028
23 December 2012

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From The Skinny

Machinochrist @ Mutiny, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Scotland (28/11/07)

"Conceived by Nass (Edinburgh's DubPressure) & DJ Tamobanter, the manifesto for Mutiny is an alluring one: cheap & cheerful door tax, a battering ram of twisted noise, & a combo of red-raw local talent with resolutely underground guests. In a similar vein to nights such as Nuthouse & Wobbly, it's the cream of the topmost rigs & party collectives in the UK we'll be seeing ce soir. Tamo delivers a sick assault of techy dnb to get the ball rolling, followed by Cambridge's Scamp (Life4land) with a collection of his own bastardised tunes, welding frenzied drum & bass with explosive breakcore. Varying from the theme of broken beats, Mattycore, (also Life4land) pounds through a mosh-worthy DJ set of hardtek, hardcore & rowdy nonsense. The live set from Machinochrist (Badsekta/Noizetek) is his first appearance this side of the border, & it's absolutely bangin'. As one of the central figures in the southern breakcore arena he's the golden boy tonight, & he makes himself known by puncturing the Bongo Club with a juggernaut of skittering junglism & ragga samples at the start of the set, taking a turn into full-on nasty breakcore for the conclusion. A thoroughly unruly first night for Mutiny."

- Rosie McLean, "The Skinny", 4th December 2007

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