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The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents F-lithium - 'Grands Classiques'   BADmpfree033
T.A.M.T. presents F-lithium
Grands Classiques
320kbps MP3
25 December 2014

BADvinyl001 - 50th release!   BADvinyl001
12" vinyl
1 October 2013

$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L - 'Good Grief [echoes from the grunge-pit]'   BADmpfree032
$p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L
Good Grief
23 March 2013

Ascetic - 'Loss'   BADmpfree031
23 April 2013

Phuq - '10,958 days of error'   BADmpfree030
10,958 Days of Error
13 January 2013

Various - 'The Cavity Church'   BADmpfree029
The Cavity Church
23 November 2012

FZV - 'antic.decay'   BADmpfree028
23 December 2012

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From Undergroundhardcore.net

Breakcore (Underground Hardcore, 2010)

"Breakcore has forever been changing and branching. Many newer breakcore artists focus on melodic progressions and complex drum programming while other artists still focus on distorted hardcore breakbeats & dark-edged musical influences (such as heavy metal & industrial).

The prolific Venetian Snares has produced breakcore blended with elements of classical music. Other artists such as Shitmat, Sickboy, DJ Scotch Egg & Drop the Lime take another direction towards mash-up, happy hardcore & rave to make a lighter, more humorous sound. The rise of chiptune music has also blended with breakcore with artists such as Patric Catani, Baseck & Tarmvred. Some musicians such as Edgey from the power noise scene have begun to take influence from breakcore.

The UK Free Party scene has also expressed a large interest in producing & distributing its own takes on breakcore, with crews & labels such as Life4land, Hekate, Audacious and Bad Sekta helping to push the scene & sound forward, as well as bringing over a number of international artists to play at their parties & club nights.

All this makes it quite plain that breakcore is steadily gaining even more popular than before & aspiring artists are found scattered across the Internet."

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